Gabriel Ghouy

    Chouy Gabriel (Gabo), born in Montevideo, Uruguay, a January 7, 1978.

    His penchant for the visual arts, is reflected since childhood, entering the drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture. It forms in different workshops and during adolescence, has a passage by the National School of Fine Arts in Montevideo.

    In his youth he is with photography, which would have to devote ever since. Working for a decade to different photographic studios and several international photographers.

    In 2010 he co-founded Youruguay (photographic production) along with Andres Guidali, who serves as executive producer. The project aims to the area of advertising and fashion, which has a recognized presence in the national and international level.

    Since then many of his works were honored by national and international judges, gaining recognition in Cannes, El Ojo de Iberoamerica, the Golden Bell, the Desachate, among others. Also with several publications in the journal's Archive Lúzer.

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