Diego Speroni

    Diego Speroni was born in Buenos Aires on November 5 1974. from an early age with his father, he spends his days between printers, photo-and photochromy workshops.

    From a young age I knew what would be the direction it would take in their profession. He took drawing and painting classes for 9 years. At 19 he entered as a producer on a graphic design studio and began his first steps in retouching with important journals within the Buenos Aires culture as the magazine Teatro San Martin, Colon Theatre and the books of the National Endowment for the Arts.

    His experience in advertising began at age 22 in an agency as head of production. Thereafter a it has been a process of self growth. He began retouching fashion and later expanded, so much to reach international brands like Porsche, Coca Cola, Mercedes Benz, Jack Daniels, read, Christian Lacroix etc.

    He is currently leading the ranking of the prestigious magazine Luerzer's Archive as Digital Artist.

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